About Us

MIMRO Mor Aphrem School of Divine Music
ܡܳܪܝ ܐܰܦܪܶܝܡ ܡܰܕܪܶܫܬܳܐ ܕܪܶܟܢܳܐ ܐܰܠܳܗܳܝܳܐ   ܡܐܡܪܐ

MIMRO is a Centre for Languages, Liturgy and LifeSciences founded in the year 2008. After the successful completion of its service for 8 years, it got registered as a charitable trust in 2016 with the name MIMRO FOUNDATION TRUST.

We aim at spreading through the website, the motto of the organisation, ie, bringing in and learning about the similarities and the basic oneness of World Languages and bringing in unity through the link of Liturgy.

The purpose of MIMRO FOUNDATION TRUST is to fulfil the Gospel of Salvation of Jesus Christ, to aid the deserving helpless and educated unemployed people in the Society and channelize necessary support for them, to give treatment facilities at minimum or free of cost.

  • Preservation and propagation of Syriac Language and Liturgy, including liturgical studies in Arabic, Hebrew and Greek. Opportunity for studying, Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu and Sanskrit. Seminars for familiarizing European languages such as German, French, Italian, Spanish and English
  • Teaching Aids and e-Books for the easy perception of complicated mathematical ideas.
  • Free food at Government hospitals.
  • Seminars and programmes imbibing Gandhian principles.
  • Opportunities for organic farming.
  • Housing projects, construction of residences for the poor and the deprived.
  • Electronic and computer parks.
  • Tourism projects, workshops for making handicrafts, its exhibition and marketing.
  • Training classes for disaster management.
  • Awards, fellowships and scholarships for achievers in different fields.